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bymulligantke, March 30, 2011
Alzander has to be one of the best for support. I have not had a question to date sit on the forum longer than 24 hours. This customer service will definitely have me back to purchase their other program in the future when my website is ready for it. The program works right out of the box like it should and the new updates they are planning for next week are actually going to solve some of the issues we have been going over. Price is perfect for the return. Thanks and I hope to see more programs come out of this site!
bymulligantke, January 26, 2011
so the picture functionality and video functionality are great, its easy to just find what you need in the files. I have been searching all over the web, joomlas forum, godaddys forum and then it hit me let me stop using JCE and start using tinyMCE again and the script for the godaddy ssl started working again but had a tiny blue link under it, i had to go re activate jce delete the code and then reactivate tinymce and repaste godaddy ssl, if only your editor could run scripts instead of deleting them and frustrating people, If i am wrong i will gladly delete my post and rating