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bymultiversal, April 28, 2012
RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart
This is NOT a stable version. They go on in releasing beta's without never arriving to a stable version. If you install it you deal with bugs. A LOT OF BUGS. For me 1) duplicated orders 2) duplicated order history 3) completely wrong selection of the shipping my case after 2 months on a live shop i deleted it. The support is almost not existent, i explain better, you can also ask, but they don't give you answers or solutions. Dear Stan, where is the result of tests that I have made on your request 3 weeks ago to solve the problem of duplicated orders??? Why you don't answer to my questions on Skype? Why the only answer that you give me are "did you update to the last version"? My suggestion: DO NOT BUY IT unless you are prepared to deal with many bugs or if you have a VERY simple selling model.
Owner's reply

Hello, i am really sorry to hear this as i spent over 10 hours on solving your issues in the updates that i asked you to install. I will reply to the points of the issues that you mentioned:
1) duplicated orders - are caused by double clicking on the submit button on some included templates and we then created a javascript to prevent this - it was not a bug, but rather misuse of the customers which we believe is now all fixed on OPC1
2) duplicated order history - yes it is true that even standard Virtuemart checkout inserts two pending statuses into the order history - we now only insert one of them, all other updates are caused by payment plugins
3) completely wrong selection of the shipping costs - we've never heard about this bug.
We always provide refunds in cases you are not satisfied with our component and we cannot fix any of the critical issues, but please don't expect 100 hour support for 50 euro.