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bymushjoom, October 23, 2011
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Best Voting Systems ever! Once you understand the working principle, everything is really easy.
The only little drawback is that there is no voting-module available.
bymushjoom, August 29, 2010
Core Design Captcha
Today i discovered this new captcha plugin. This is a really great idea starting a captcha revolution.

One big drawback is its weight of additional javascript (especially jQuery). Without gzip compression a standard joomla installation with demo content loads 157KB in total from the server, 74KB of it is javascript. After installing the captcha plugin + Scriptegrator (needed for plugin) and only activating the necessary parts the site weights 480KB (355KB javascript!!!). This is an increase by a factor of 3. Even with gzip compression this factor is about 2.5 (154KB vs 61 KB)

But is it really necessary to require such a heavy javascript framework for such a simple but genious plugin?
Since most Joomla installations the mootools framework is already integrated, using mootools for the sliding effect and hiding the captcha after sliding would be much more user friendly and traffic saving, especially for people using only this extension by or having slow internet connection.

Furthermore all text seems to be hardcoded. Using language files should be a better way, especially for multilangual sites.

One last functional comment: this sliding bar reminds me of the iphone locking mechanism. But this plugin has only 2 steps: left or right. For a better wow-effect it should be possible to continuously slide the bar from left to right ;-)
Owner's reply

Hi, jQuery is necessary library to run this extension and usually is compressed by your browser for a next usage. jQuery has 70,4 kB and jQuery UI (for effects like slider) contains 202 kB. Even Joomla! chose Mootools we're staying with jQuery.

Translation is stored in custom file, en-GB.plg_system_cdcaptcha.ini - there is no hard code and you can use this file for multilanguage sites.

About the slide steps we had to change this movement to right-left direction. Some users reported the difficulties with movement on the right side (for example on touch mobile devices).