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bymusicman22, August 4, 2011
SP Tab
First off thank you, thank you & thank you. You guys are the best. I have bought and so many tab components and this is buy far better than the ones I bought and it's free. I don't comment much on here but if anyone wants a one tab module that does it all with no bugs please get this. It's nothing for me to say this to everyone but if I could say I love you guys I would for making my life so much easier. ****** can I give you guys 6 stars. lol either way Thank you!
bymusicman22, January 12, 2011
RSform Pro
First off I want to say I have never in the course of my 10 years as a web developer have left a comment good or bad in any forum before.

The most frustrating thing for me has been to download an extension and go through all the learning curves and then going to the support forum to learn that I'm not the only one with a problem or that the extension I have will not do what I expected.

I have never been a cheap person to look for some thing just to get by I will pay for things that make my life just a bit easier.

Either my point is that I have pretty much purchased everyone of the form extensions and I have to say my hats off to you guys for making my life so easy and I could concentrate on what I'm good at which is the design and leaving the coding to you guys.

For anyone that would like to just download and upload a working custom form in a couple of minutes with so much power and flexibility this is the best extension for me by far.

I did not need to go to any tutorial or search for hours online for a video training and so on.

One more thing I love is that all the information that is gathered by the forms are nicely displayed in the administrator panel for me to go at any time and see all my clients inquiries, uploads, and so on.

Once again Thank You, Thank You & Thank You


Me. :)