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bymwallace, February 21, 2014
Extplorer allows me do quick directory and file management, without loading other software. When I need to delete full directories, it works as fast as cPanel, and of course faster than FTP. I also use it to upload and organize media. A great tool for ease of use access.
bymwallace, January 31, 2014
Replaces the SSI include statement, and iFrames, for local or remote loading of HTML files.

Been working with Joomla for over five years. But could never find a simple way insert HTML code from disk, into an article. This does the trick.

Maybe I'm missing something. If there are other extensions that do this exact same thing, I'd like to know.

Kudos to the developer for such a simple solution.
bymwallace, May 29, 2012
Jacarlin Checkin Items Frontend
Install in a minute, add it as a menu item, and you're finished. This is great for clients, or admins, who edit via the front-end.
bymwallace, September 25, 2010
The author has thought through everything; convenience, split-second simple installation (60 seconds), scope of coverage, extensibility to HTML forms, background and foreground colors, options for displayed characters, compatibility settings (if needed), and more,

From what I've seen, the author looks at software from a "user-friendly" perspective, and works hard to accomplish both functionality and eash of use.