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RSform Pro
RSForm!Pro is an outstanding extension. I am a beginner Joomla! end user and I was up and running with my new custom form on my web site within 30 minutes. I then went to the RSJoomla! Support Forums on their web site, and I got a response back within 6 hours on how to place my new form in a module position, which only took 10 minutes to setup. This extension is an excellent value, and I highly recommend it for anyone needing a customizable input form on your Joomla! site with a captcha anti-spam filter.
bymwerthjoomla, August 13, 2009
Easy Paypal
Easy PayPal is a terrific product. Doesn't even require a module. It installs instantly into the plugin manager, and the default settings take a minute to fill in with payee information, etc.

The greatest thing about Easy PayPal is the person behind the code, Bing. He provided THE BEST technical support I've encountered in a long time. He usually got back to me within an hour for the 4 or 5 emails I sent with my implementation questions. Some other plugin providers didn't even respond when I inquired about their product.

Easy PayPal does just about anything that you would need for E-Commerce. You can even change the payee on the fly as well as any of the PayPal variables without having to go back to the plugin manager. This gives you the in-the-moment customization and control of anything you would like to do on payment options. You can allow the user to change the amount or the quantity for the item on the screen. You can set up recurring payments for a short term or indefinite duration. You can use shopping carts, view cart, etc.

The only thing I would like to see added to the product would be a new feature to allow the user to modify the amount and period on the recurring subscription payments option for example if someone wanted to pay a custom value for either a recurring monthly donation or have a choice of amount for a recurring weekly, daily, or annual payment. I think adding this feature would be valuable for the "pay what you think it's worth" marketplace, especially in the freeware/shareware and non-profit donation universe.

Other than that, I think this plugin gives all the bang for the buck in what you need to add an on-the-fly payment, donation, recurring payment, or recurring donation on your article/product pages. Definitely buy this and use it for Easy, stress-free, and FAST PayPal buttons on your site. You'll never need to login to PayPal again except to transfer your income money to your bank account. Please let Bing know if you have any questions about this plugin, and he will surely respond to help you.