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In order to increase the number of users who log in and engage our site I looked at a couple of Facebook integration extensions and for some reason or another (it was quite a while ago) I chose JFBConnect - I think because it was the most comprehensively built out.

Before even purchasing the software I had proposed a scenario in their forums regarding a complex user-account based implementation I wanted to make and wanted to know if it was feasible to pull it off and connect it with JFBConnect. Not expecting much back, they explained what JFBConnect would cover, some possible hurdles I might have, and most impressively they offered to me that if I were to code my project, they would help tweak a few JFBConnect things in order to link the project together.

Many months of development later I came back and realized that my subscription to download the latest version had just lapsed a couple days prior. I explained my circumstances and they were very kind to extend my subscription for a few days so I could get a couple of minor updates.

Furthermore as I got more involved in the development of the user-account based project, they promptly helped me with random questions and product clarifications, almost always in less than probably ~12hours.

Case in point, I would highly recommend JFBConnect and probably the other products in their suite (although I have no experience with those).

Cheers to friendly, quality service. (oh and the extension has worked very well for me thus far)