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bymydvdtrader, June 3, 2013
Like the 1.5 version,the componate has a slick look missing from most article listing componates however its intergrations with other third party componates such as K2 is pretty much limited.For joomla core news its perfect,otherwise without K2 or other article listing componate support,is a dud.
bymydvdtrader, August 26, 2011
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According to joomla extensions list-this item has yet to respond to its SQL injection issue since 1/10-please make sure you inquire beforehand if this has been addressed
Owner's reply

We already have solved SQL Injection Point but we will check it with team again and if any problem Found then sure we will solve it thanks for your time with us.

bymydvdtrader, June 2, 2011
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These guys provided me with a greal deal and superb support.Componate installation went down without a hitch.Would definetly buy more of thier interesting products.
bymydvdtrader, April 3, 2011
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Please note Extension does not function upon install-just got-Error! Could not find a Joomla! XML setup file in the package
Also,there is no actual link to this componate-when you click on the download link-available via directory-its shows,this page doesnt exist error.Developer should provide direct contact for him on page,along with possible screenshots or demo of his product.
Owner's reply

Hi there,

To answer each of your concerns:

- Does not install: I personally test all the functionality against a local installation of the Joomla! 1.6 trunk, to include install and uninstall. If it isn't installing for you, there could be a few different issues, and I'm willing to work with you to resolve them via a comment on the release notification on my site, a ticket via my Assembla space (linked from my site), or an e-mail (via the "Contact Me" link at the top of my site). I do my best to respond to all issues fairly quickly, however, I am currently deployed so internet availability isn't always the greatest.

- Link to site: I finished all the documentation on my site on April 3 and published that evening. It's possible you may have requested the link prior to it being published, in which case, I apologize.

- Extension demo: I am in the process of building a demo site for this and my other extension. I'm actually looking to have this complete within the next week or two as it's taken some time to build a fresh site from scratch.

bymydvdtrader, November 9, 2010
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It seems you have to obtain points beforehand to obtain this-which means you have to either pay for them or earn them by clicking unto stuff-If its free,then indicate free,otherwise,just stick to the facts-its points redeemable.
Owner's reply

You are wrong... Anybody can download absolutely for free this module from my site. As a proof there more unique user-IP/downloads than users in community. The only what you really can't do without user account - it's to look all features of this module work, because of it's nature (guests can't have points and ranks in AlphaUserPoints)