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bymylosol, December 16, 2010
Installed seamlessly, integrated right into my site. Creates new accounts using Facebook login, quick and simple account creation.

Only problem (and for me it's not) is most the information does not populate, you get a username and that's about it. No e-mail but it does't matter for my needs.

Other thoughts: The plug-in gets the "log-in with Facebook" image directly from Facebook, and for some reason there is a small white space below the image. On a light colored page this would not be noticeable but on my dark page I see it. Purely cosmetic and I'm not complaining.
bymylosol, December 16, 2010
Installed in seconds, opens to a configure page, easy to set up, Great integration of function! A+++ I'm amazed this was free! Professional Quality and amazing functionality!