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Code 7 Responsive Slider
Tried 4 different "responsive" slideshow modules and none of them worked responsively. This took all of 30 seconds to get working. Intuitive parameters, and just the right mix of options vs. complexity. 5 stars.
bymyopicseer, January 25, 2012
No HTML page is produced. White screen. Using latest 2.2

Waste of valuable time, and the component that used to work and be so valuable, is now ruined for me. Will find another solution for the Joomla sites I build in the future. Do not install this if you have Joomla 1.7
bymyopicseer, February 16, 2011
Art Sexy Lightbox
The Artetics Team is just unbelievable. These guys are extremely patient, and extremely fast (and diligent). Even when they know their plugin is not the issue, they went into my admin area and also did some customization to their plugin code to make a special function work. The look and effect of the Sexy Lightbox speaks for itself. The support cannot be beat. Thanks Artetics Team!