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bymysterion, January 7, 2014
For me, even the commercial "simple image gallery" plugin was too complicated for most clients. Gallerychamp proved easy to install and use but initially would not appear because of recent updates to K2 (Jan 2014) which hide all galleries but their own. Thanks to excellent support from JoomlaChamp though (including template tweaks)the gallery is working great. Hope to see more extensions from these guys in the future. Highly recommended.
bymysterion, August 27, 2013
BT Google Maps
For some reason, clean and usable Google maps modules are hard to come by. Bow Themes have created a really nice solution here that is perfect for most uses. They even provide documentation that is clear and well written! Many thanks.
bymysterion, August 23, 2013
Mini K2
When you see how beautifully this model can transform the presentation of a K2 based site and how well supported it is you have to wonder how it can be free!
Many thanks to the developers.
bymysterion, July 26, 2013
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
Hard to fault this great quality simple to use extension. Up and running in 30 seconds with extensive well written documentation if you want to do more advanced stuff. Look no further.
bymysterion, July 15, 2013
JO Social Share for K2
The default K2 Social sharing facility is a real weak point but this plugin fills the gap perfectly. The developer helped with a minor issue in my case within minutes! Highly recommended.
bymysterion, October 12, 2012
Virtuemart Products Factorybelt
This is a quality module with all the options you will need and a frontend that looks good out of the box. As with other reviewers I initially had issues (of my own causing JS conflicts). Within 30min of buying, Cecil had identified and resolved the issues. Highly reccommeded.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind review and appreciation.

bymysterion, August 30, 2012
Easy Language
Using this for a 3 language site and it really makes the whole managment process accessible to my client. The native alternative is complex and involves alot of limitations whereas this just works. Also as other reviewers have mentioned, the plugin seems to work in other modules/components which was a pleasant surprise.

Future additions? Would really welcome the addition of the ability to redirect to the current page rather than the languages's default homepage.
bymysterion, December 6, 2006
Simple Image Gallery
Your plugins and addons are really consistently usable and well put together and this is no different. I spent quite a while working with multithumb which while powerful frequently stopped working for strange server-side reasons. This gallery is smooth as butter and looks great but as with all really usable addons you soon begin to wish for a few features like ordering and Lightbox navigation as mentioned earlier.

I'd also like to remove the "jpg" reference in the title but unlike F.Filo can't negotiate the code! Very minor gripes then. Good work again. Many thanks