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bymystifier, June 20, 2012
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What a frustrating waste of a morning.

Very clunky install and some time before I realised that cited Payment (eg. WorldPay) and Shipping methods are not included.

A visit to the forum (with unreadable captchas requiring repeated retries and enforced long password policy meaning that I couldn't use the same credentials as I use for every other forum on the web) proved fruitless.

Shopping cart is much like any other but very cumbersome.

Decided to stop wasting time and bought a commercial extension instead which is Ace and was running in a fraction of the time.

Admittedly, it is free, but commercial offerings are only around $60 which is well worth it for simplicity (and you have to buy all VirtueMart plug-ins otherwise included anyway).

If you want a free simple shopping cart, this is not the answer either - there are far easier components to work with.

Probably my worst Joomla! extension experience to date.
Owner's reply

What should this mean "clunky install". It is a normal installation of a joomla extension. Also there are payments included, there is a standard shipment included. Yes it is only one shipment, but the one is more mighty then the 3 before.

And you dont have to buy any plugin.

bymystifier, June 9, 2012
Event Booking
I have used numerous extensions to Joomla! and Wordpress. It is usually a case of trying a few until you find one that works and using it. Very rarely do I take the trouble to leave a review (even though I always read them).

I felt it only fair to in this case because it is a far larger extension than normal (so I was expecting some disappointment) but it is outstandingly good.

I had one small issue which in fairness, was a problem with my template more than with 'Event Booking'. I posted a ticket and received a very fast reply which I assumed would be a 'Your ticket has been logged' auto-message but it was a perfect solution.

Great product, great service and amazing value.