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bymythus, February 7, 2013
Chronoforums isn't there yet. However, IMO it will be there, and very soon.

First off, this forum package shows a lot of hidden potential. It is very simple to use and has large theming support out of the box since it is able to use phpbb3 styles - though many styles will need some simple CSS edits.

But where this forum really shines is with its developer. I sent Max an email asking about the potential to use a WYSIWYG editor with chronoforums. He responded quickly asking about what kind of editor I'd like to use. We had several back and forth emails talking about this project, and in every email he was very professional and willing to hear ideas and discuss them in a kind and professional manner - not shutting them down automatically or making the idea submitter feel unappreciated. It is important to understand that I am not talking about him just willing to accept any and every idea. I am talking about him giving good discussion and reasons when there was an idea that wouldn't work for chronoforums, and showing that he cares about his product and the end user. It was refreshing after having seen how developers of other extension makers can act.

Max's devotion and care for this extension and the enduser really propel this extension forwards. Because of such that I have seen from him, I am confident that chronoforums in time will become the number 1 forum extension for Joomla. All other developers should take lessons from him.
bymythus, February 6, 2013
The one thing I always loved about this when it was called Fireboard was how it used all kinds of other third party extentions to make an awesome inter-connected forum solution that expanded as you needed it to. You could do anything. Wanted to have signatures? No problem! A PM solution? Uddem-IM connects with it nicely! Profiles? Plenty of profile modules to use! You could even use different editors since Fireboard honored the editor used in Joomla.

Now days, it is still a nice forum solution. But it seems to be drifting from the original idea of a forum community built by many extensions. Some extensions still work great with Kunena, but others... saddly no.

The one that hits me and my site members hardest is the editor. Kunena has decided that it would be better to not only develop their own BBCode editor, but to force that to be the only editor that you can use in Kunena. No more can you simply choose to use the editor you use in Joomla.

This not only causes a jarring seperation from article making and the like, but also brings in a terrible complexity that my members do not appreciate. My members are not the kind that benifit from BBCode. They have had a hard time with that and miss the office like WYSIWYG style editor they are so used to. Because of them, I have had to look elsewhere, which is a shame because overal I still really like Kunena and the way it is designed.

If someone could make a plugin or something to bring back choice of editor to Kunena, it would be great! I can't do it because I can't code. I don't expect the Kunena developers to do it, they have enough to do maintaining Kunena.