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bymywiseguys, August 11, 2009
MaQma Helpdesk
I really liked playing with the trial version of this software. The downer for me was the lack of a way for non-registered users to submit tickets which RSTickets and Billets offers. They are working on this from what I understand.
Love the Knowledgebase (I think FAQ could just go away, seems redundant) which is searchable from the joomla search as long as the plugin is enabled.
Wish the license was similar to Billets where you purchase it and are allowed to install on as many domains as you wish.
Nice product and will be keeping me eye on future releases.
bymywiseguys, April 21, 2009
When I was using Community Builder I would give this an excellent rating. If you use Community Builder, RSGallery2 provides a load of great features but keeping it simple. I love a photo gallery that includes a searchbot and downloading photos was easy as well as allowing users in my site to create there own albums.
Now that I moved to JomSocial (which I prefer) RSGallery is also out as its focus is CB users. I hope one day it will support us JomSocial users if we don't already have a replacement.