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bymywpmusic, January 2, 2012
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Hello Joomla Community.
In my quest to build a successful online music store for the last ten years I have tried many different shopping carts and none of them has suited my needs and in fact some have chased the customer away as they are far too complicated to operate! Not only for the user but for the website owner too!

I would like to give ***** (FIVE STARS) to the MyMuse cart!! First of all it was perfect for my music fans as it is a online store to sell music downloads and CD's very easy to use and I was very happy to purchase this!! But what also makes this cart so very valuable is the person who created it.

The after purchase support was very professional as I needed to have some changes made to the cart and Mr. Gordon Fisch was there and handle the things I needed to have changed, he was professional and was able to get things done in a timely fashion! So if you are a musician or music store owner I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful cart and you will be happy you did as you will have a solid support system to see you to your goals. I Thank you Mr. Fisch for your creation and service!

Kindest regards
Marcus Williams