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byn55w131, May 2, 2007
Z Weather
Although this extension shows promise it needs work. I should have taken the hint "Beta".

Some area's that are in need of improvement:

1) A simpler way of reporting bugs rather than make me fill out a full page registration form (How about a simple form rather than make me sign up with a jomula developer site).

2) Better text display options such as custom colors, fonts and word wrap so the text does not spill out of the module. (The wind direction for example xml feed shows the direction starting with a cap, however the module display is lower case).

3) A better cache update, rather than a cron job. (My web server host limits the cron updating and frequency for security reasons).

4) The icons options are limited. For example they don't center.

All in all the extension is usable, the price is right, the ups and downs of the XML feed from the NWS is not the fault of the author but other than that its reliable, and it fits in nice with most templates I have tried it with.