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bynabusaad, January 13, 2013
Easy Language
I am very impressed with this plugin!
It just saved me the extra work and hassle of creating seperate articles and seperate modules for the different languages I am working with. I am working with 4 languages English,French,Italian and German and it just works so great. It is very easy and flexible. The only thing which is not worth mentioning is that the name of the module in the back end gets messed up with tags surrounding it, but I guess there is no other way of doing it. I would like to pay tribute and thank the genius developers.
bynabusaad, January 1, 2013
Excellent work done on the qlform module.

This module saved me lots of efforts in creating the needed forms. The module is easy to use and very well documented.

Thank yoy Mareike for the excellent job and way to go.