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bynaimless, March 24, 2013
Filtered News
This is a fantastic module.

I've been looking for a super-simple showcase type module, without any fancy and heavy javascript, etc, and the 'static' option does exactly that.

It is ridiculously easy to customise, with only CSS and the module parameters (I made it show only images, overlaid with the article title, which looks superb, and added a tiny hack in the very clean code to allow me to push articles to the module with a string in the Meta Description).

Works a treat, highly recommended!
bynaimless, January 6, 2013
Fewest Read Content
Am surprised there are not more popular/recent article modules out there. In any case, this one does the job or 2.5 without any fuss or problems. Easy peasy.

In future an option to stop it from loading its stylesheet would be great too.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review and suggestion!

bynaimless, January 6, 2013
Dinamod Tab Modules
It's a bit finnicky to get to work at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty awesome and flexible.

The transition effect is simple and sleek, and the javascript library isn't too much of a hog. Good stuff!
bynaimless, August 15, 2012
YJ Pop Login
Easy to customise and pretty light JS and CSS. Does what it's supposed to without any nonsense, I like.
bynaimless, November 29, 2011
R Antispam
This component is incredibly effective and well-designed.

It has been running on the latest Kunena for a week now and kills 95% of spam without any intervention, effortlessly. I expect if it keeps getting trained it'll choke even more...

Can't tell you how satisfying it feels every time the Bayes filter magically prevents a spammy forum message from getting posted.

This should get integrated into most forums' base distribution or should be rated 10 stars and formally endorsed by every forum out there.

Absolute game changer! Keep up the great work.
Words can not describe how amazing this developer is.

Bugs are almost a thing of the past in the latest version 3.0X and we are looking at a very very mature and polished product.

The coding is clean and customisable, and everything seems to more or less work as it should.

An easy 5 stars for Stackideas, and component and support well worth paying for.
bynaimless, August 31, 2011
Absolutely brilliant app, I can't believe that something like this even exists for free. Clearly the work of a genius!
bynaimless, May 11, 2011
Really saves you mucking about with the MySQL and botching things up potentially. Takes 1 minute from install to database change, including download time if you're fast with your mouse :)

Don't think twice, if you need to change your prefix, gettit!
bynaimless, May 10, 2011
What a beauty, hugely customisable and hackable to get it to do what you want.

Brilliant job, well done!
Cache Cleaner
Amazingly slick for such a simple plugin, utter perfection really! Couldn't live without it, it rocks beyond belief and more with every new version - who would have thought it'd be possible to keep adding more polished features?
Version 0.95 (not yet on JED right now) has ironed out some problems of the earlier release and works pretty smoothly.

Very impressed for an early version and high hopes for future releases.

Image resizing (including turning all images off completely for super-fast loading) I believe is not offered by any other mobile Joomla component.

Works straight out of the box and can be fairly easily customised in half-an-hour to do what you want it to.

However, it does not work perfectly with JomSocial or other larger-width components. They still work but look somewhat ugly.

Documentation is fairly poor, however, it is surely still early days in development...

Cheers, great work!
bynaimless, February 2, 2010
Redirect Failed Login
Does what it's supposed to but I accidentally caused some hard to diagnose errors through this.

I set the forward link to the standard Joomla password forgotten page. Unfortunately, this very seldomly would result in an endless feedback loop when visiting any site. At least until the cache was cleared.

I am not sure when it would happen but it was pretty annoying and mysterious, until I remembered I had installed this plugin.

Didn't find any other mention of the same problem so thought I'd mention it here.

Anyway, otherwise, this is very good and does what it says on the tin.

To beef up the security even further, would be nice if it was possible to have an auto-increment delay - e.g.: first failed log-in has X second delay, 2nd failed login for same username has Y seconds delay, 3rd has Z seconds delay up to some maximum.

Keep up the good work!
bynaimless, January 4, 2010
Akeeba Backup
Brilliant, does the job and does it well, giving some peace of mind.

Also essential for creating test-site mirrors of your primary installation.

I am still running an older version (2.1), which appears to still allow sub-folder exclusion, unlike the newest free version.