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bynamejoe, August 30, 2011
Estate Agent  Improved
I was asked to give honest review. well here it is.If you know the history this extension was a fork on misterestate n estate agent since j1.0 and mambo days. Nothing much was done to improved as their rename it to "ea improved". For joomla newbies and non programmers this is good start but do standby some dollars for your customization that's a MUST. Example imagine a property with selling price of $2M (u have to enter it exactly 2000000 (no commas, no space allowed-very very weak coding agree?)), moving on the price is $2m but the module wont "register" the max price in db and auto option in search module, strangely the max amount is $300,000 as in demo n live site.You have to hard code edit the module n coding yourselves to achieve a logical real estate solutions. try it yourself if u agree with me.The image module system is weak too, u have to enter each title n desc , save n go back to next one. why never use the uber powerful j!framework , jclasses? There are charging euro $38 for a year support with few hundreds members .With the money earn everyone agree a better development can be planned.Anyone who is familiar with cck, pls go ahead and look into that alternative which gives better value for money anytime. i hope JED team go n visit the demo site and be witness . cheers.
Owner's reply

We want to thank you because the last 4 years, you preferred our component for your real-estate websites, although we would expect a better rating, for such extended use, with so small charge.

Regarding the maximum value in the search form, is simple. You can change it using the component configuration, but please post your problems in our support webpages.