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bynaresh11381, April 25, 2013
CW Multicategories
This is a must for any serious Joomla user. It should be part of the core.. but then again, it probably wouldn't wok as well as this.

I did have an issue with very particular circumstances, but supported fixed it and released and public update quickly. Quality!
bynaresh11381, February 6, 2013
This a well thought out, light-weight plugin. I had a small issue with youtube videos being shared, the developer promptly fixed the issue.

I have tried lots of the social plugins and this one wins on many fronts... quality!
bynaresh11381, February 6, 2012
Nice PayPal Downloads
This product works perfectly out of the box! If you want to accept paypal on a Joomla site this is the only component to use. I had a few questions for the developer and I received a response in minutes. Great work!!
bynaresh11381, January 1, 2012
ARI Ext Menu
Nice work, I like how easy it is to edit the css, my only issue is the dropdowns don't work if js is disable.
bynaresh11381, December 31, 2011
Great plugin, Joomla can get very heavy with all the JS added by default and JS added by extra addons. This plugin should really be a must for any Joomla website. We need more plugins like this!!
bynaresh11381, February 24, 2011
Akeeba Backup
Plugins like this the supporting documentation make me happy. Great job guys. I will be purchasing the pro version... not because I need it, but because I want to support people doing such good work!

Kudos to you :)
bynaresh11381, March 31, 2010
Find Us On Facebook
Thanks for this mod. Took 30sec to download install and publish. Great work
bynaresh11381, December 2, 2009
Include Component
I have tried 3 of the other similar extensions but had issues with each one. This one seemed to cover all bases and do exactly what I needed. Excellent, big thanks to the developer!