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bynaseemj2, March 25, 2010
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JS Jobs
Quickly to the point, excellent components and no error or bugs, however suggestion, __“employer”__ should be directly able to contact __“job seeker”__ something like community builder contact to each other within portal, So far I saw that I have to copy email of __"job seeker"__ and write/reply email to him from my own browser or email system, there should be a button Reply to __“Job seeker”__ I am sorry I am using free version but I am not aware if same option are available in paid version.
You will get 7 star from me, and I will contact separately to your website for personal thanks and real time application.
bynaseemj2, March 25, 2010
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Content Uploader
Usually I will be very careful to write my comments, most of time I do not read documentation & figure out by itself how would this extension would work, because I have used hundreds of extension & soon wanted to publish a website which contain maximum extension used.
I am sure this extension would be simplest & easy to use, but I was unable to figure out, & try to read documentation which nothing explain except to setup “parameters” then spend a lot of time in Forum but there is not a single clue after uploading file (article) then { what next ? } Shell we use [ Syntax ] in (article) or will there be [ embedded ] button will show up ?

I will give suggestion like Peter van Westen (from nonumber) has published 12 extension and most of them are popular simply because he did not wrote long documentation but rather quite simple & easy word few images, steps by step like a guide to new joomla user, although most of his extension would be used for advance & at complex level & to make it easy & simple.
I will be glad to support and I am sure there is positional but it is frustrating and hidden yet.
Owner's reply

Hi Naseem,

I realise the documentation is pretty sparse just now and a similar remark to yours was made in our forum. As a result, there is now a document available on our site that explains what can be entered for each parameter. You can get it here:

There will also be a tutorial videos on the demo site in the next few days.