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bynaturalp, March 31, 2014
Week of Words
I was taken aback at the simplicity of this module.. it worked like a dream.. then just stopped displaying images in the articles (after 3 days) You have to pay for support and as the developer doesn't seem to be that user friendly going by his website and the other reviews It perhaps isn't worth it.... what a shame!!
Owner's reply

On the download page you will see it states you can contact me directly at this website, there is and never has been a fee for this

However, technical help is not allowed directly by the Joomla extensions directory. I can assure you there is no three day time-out clause in this module.

bynaturalp, January 1, 2014
eScope Error Handler
This is a superb plugin - just remember to disable the system redirect plugin and its fab! Very clever - Thank you.
bynaturalp, July 27, 2010
I have searched everywhere for a decent translating module with flags - why flags? - because how is a chinese person going to understand the word 'chinese'? It's all very well having a drop down list of languages but if they are all shown in English there's not much point..

Anyway, I'm very much a non technical person but installed this without fuss and not only does it work well but is sooo..... easy to configure. You can change which flags are displayed and the sizes too. It is also compact and doesn't take up much room.

I must also say that the support I received from Edvard, (this was needed because a lot of the content in my pages was not fully valid and was actually nothing to do with GTranslate) was superb.