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bynavar, July 11, 2009
JCK Editor
After reading all these exellent ratings i tried FCK, especially to test the image-editing feature.

First disappointment: Configuring FCK Editor semms only possible by editing js-files (boring)

Second: When resizing images, the original file ist altered. That means, no chance to use the same image in three different articles in three different sizes, you have to create 3 versions of that file (unefficient - Content Optimizer does it better...)

Third: (At least) in firefox 3.0 the popups are to small: you have to resize the window in order to reach the OK-button (ImageManager, New Folder)

Nevertheless a lean and quick install, a well done UI (if you like/use MSO) but still not the cream of the crop at the top of the heap.
Owner's reply

(1.) You do not configure the editor by going to the js-files, the configuration for the editor is found by going to the plugin manager, this is how Joomla work for all plugin’s! (2.) You do not use the image editor to change the way in which an article displays an image. While inserting an image simply type in the dimensions within the dialog box. That is how you would insert the same image in a hundred different articles all being the different size. (3.) Tested in FF1.0 to 3.5 and cannot reproduce the same.

Content Optimizer
Great plugin, exactly what I was missing in joomla from the very beginning! Don´t touches the original files but is rendering the images delivered to the clients and you don´t even notice it!