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bynavataria, February 6, 2013
Admin Tools Professional
This is an amazing extension, please do yourself a favor and use it on your site. Highly tweakable and really powerful.
bynavataria, December 5, 2012
Ultimate Feed Display
Thanks for a great module. This is easy to set up, and can work straight out of the box if you do not wish to mod the CSS. And if you do wish to mod the CSS, you can get any kind of result you want. Very much worth the $10 USD - keep up the great work.
bynavataria, September 22, 2012
XCloner-Backup and Restore
Use this extension! I run with slightly slower call times to server, at 10ms apart versus 1ms, and on manual+AJAX. Love the extension, have never had a problem with the files. Only wish I could choose between ZIP or RAR! Thanks for the great work.
bynavataria, September 22, 2012
Philo Blog
Problems with compatibility with our installed template caused me to pass on actually pushing this extension to the live site, but I found that it worked quite beautifully. Recommended to try it out.
bynavataria, September 22, 2012
Works right out of the box, with great support for showing only published posts, only archived posts, or both. Display is similar to WordPress blogs with Year > Month > Article List file tree. Perfectly great free extension. Highly recommend. Using on Joomla 2.5.6
bynavataria, September 8, 2012
Aixeena Taxonomy System
Perfect right out of the box. I modified the CSS for a cleaner look, but that is not necessary. Works like a dream. Thanks.
bynavataria, September 7, 2012
Load module into article
Does what it says without fuss or muss. Carsten makes good extensions and I have this one operating on one site, and will use for more. You can't beat the combo of free AND quality. Thanks! (I previously used his ACL for Joomla 1.5)
bynavataria, August 28, 2012
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I liked how it was supposed to work, but upon realizing it wasn't going to work for my project, I tried to uninstall. It crashed my site completely and I need to launch from a backup copy. Sorry to report. Thanks!
Owner's reply

Learn how to uninstall :
Go to the Extension Manager under the tab Manage, enter in filter "tags", select all and click Actions - Uninstall

and if you have no access to your site anymore after having uninstall cedTag:
If you can not access your site, after having partially remove one or more but not all component of cedTag, just download and unpack this file cedTagOff.php
to the root directory of your joomla installation and access it in a browser
this will switch off all left behind extension that were not properly removed and give you access to your site frontend and backend