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bynawilkes, April 14, 2011
After struggling extensively with the technical and aesthetic aspects of RS Form Pro (principally) and other form tools, I went looking for an alternate form builder to create on-line employment applications and reservations submissions. I have been ecstatic to find Breezing Forms. Breezing is not only much more intuitive to use, but also looks really good on the front end. The three different building "modes" are a bit confusing first; once I learned I could do everything in Quick Mode, all was easy.

Support is generally good, though the support team seems a bit small and possibly overwhelmed by their own success. When Support does respond, they are very helpful and patient; I have had some periods of non-response, but they do eventually get to you.

Bottom line, you won't find a better form builder out there, especially for the price. Highly recommended. Thanks to Markus and his team.