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byne14dirt, June 29, 2010
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Well, time to thrown in the towel. I officially give up. Something this simple should be…..well…..simple. The documentation needs to be beefed up because the guide isn’t so much a guide as it is just a blurb on something that really doesn’t work to well. My query was responded to in the available forums quickly but gave only the same stale information that didn’t solve my ultimate problem, I couldn’t get this extension to work. I wouldn’t tell anyone to use this extension until it becomes much more user friendly.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. I'm sorry you couldn't get FlexBanner working but I can assure you hundreds of people are using it successfully. If you had been prepared to engage more fully in the forum I'm sure we could have helped you succeed.

It's a shame you felt the need to start throwing round threats sooner rather than later but that's your choice and, as I don't charge for the component, really no problem to me. I do think a more positive attitude would have helped and if anybody out there wants to write a guide I'd be happy to publish it. I know the documentation isn't thorough but I also know that I'm very close to the project and that makes it quite difficult to write without making assumptions.

This is not a simple component, despite your description, so perhaps it needs a little thought before use.