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byneilmcg, August 30, 2012
Cookie Confirm
I feel it necessary to write a quick review.
Given the update in privacy laws relating to cookies within the EU, we needed to have an option where users and visitors have the option to accept or opt out.
We don't want to take the chance of getting taken to court.

There were 2 components options which we considered seriously, the documentation for this component is very good, beyond a quick start guide, each option is actually explained.
The component covers all the options you need to comply with the law and track how users choice, with logging for future evidence (hopefully never needed).

The component operates on a subscription model for updates and support - given the level of service that is a bargain.
We had a problem with the operation and the developer: Jurian Even - spent time to find and trace down the problem. It turned out to be components from 2 different developers not following joomla guidelines, he even wrote a code fix for 1 of them (we submitted it to the other developer).
Our website is running faster, since he found the defective components.

So in summary, the product is a complete solution, the developer and his service, solid.

We have no qualms about recommending him and his product. Cookie Confirm 2.0
byneilmcg, December 8, 2010
ARI Slider
I bought the module for a very specific purpose - I had seen Apple's product pages and thought it was an excellent way to show details of a product.
This is pretty close to fulfilling the same functions.

The technical support was great. I posted on the forum and the developer offered to log onto the website back-end to configure it for me.

Very efficient and courteous.