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bynelchael, August 3, 2012
User Article Manager
Literally only been using this for 10 minutes or so and its already made my work infinitely easier! I'm using this with Seblod to help manage user created articles and it appears to be pretty much perfect.. Just outstanding really, especially considering just how complicated integrating front-end article deletion is for many CCKs, its certainly saved me a few days work!! Thanks to the creator for their hard work and for bringing this to 1.7x, you deserve many many kudos my good man.
bynelchael, November 10, 2011
Flexi Contact
Since discovering Flexi Contact it has become an essential part of our components toolkit for developing any website; i cant understate just how useful and time saving this component is. Its not designed for the larger application style forms but is perfect for setting up a single or multiple contact pages.

I'd also advise purchasing the Icon Pack - very neat and a simple alternative to captcha (which personally does nothing but frustrate me..)..

Excellent, thankyou for developing this fantastic component!
bynelchael, August 5, 2011
Excellent, works well and makes all the right noises when your looking for a good FREE sef solution, but almost every component i needed to support and was listed in the description were paid for extensions, which inevitably rendered a half day of work completely useless and i ended up uninstalling the component. A real shame really. I may use this component again in the future if clients have budgetted for SEF solution although a bit let down and annoyed that Commercial aspects werent outlined more clearly in the desciption.