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bynelliott, July 24, 2013
On the back-end, this extension seems to do what it was designed for and do it well. That said, I would be hesitant to recommend it for a few reasons:

- There is not enough direction on implementation. There is zero hand-holding and zero safety nets. The extension won't *necessarily* take down your site, but if you screw up at all (like I did), it has the power to wipe-out even an established site. In that case, there may be no quick fix. I have spent upward of two months trying to restore the first site I installed this on.

- The UI could do a lot to help with implementation. There is no built-in help in the UI. In some cases, it can be buggy and misleading. Instead of focusing on making the core product easier to use, the UI is cluttered with worthless add-ons that any webmaster will already have (i.e. analytical and firewall functions).

- Support is middling. Perhaps they are overwhelmed because the rough UI generates lots of stupid questions, but they always seem to be looking to get rid of you. The most prominent example is that each support ticket requires a litany of configuration information that is almost never relevant.

I plan to use the extension on all new sites going forward, but the learning curve is steep and buyers should approach with caution.
bynelliott, July 12, 2013
Multiple Rating for K2
This plugin does what it says it will, but it does it in an odd way.

It creates its own CSS, templates, etc. so template modifications and overrides will stop working as expected. It created a major headache for me on installation.

Once you know what's happening, it's not hard to edit the multirate templates, but doing things in such an unorthodox way makes me question the quality of the plugin. I won't be using it any further because I don't want any more nasty surprises.
Owner's reply

Hello, nelliott.

Sorry, that it dissapoint you.

Unfortunately, there is no another way for provide new features, it is require template changes and multirating plugin uses own template. You can override it as standard template in your template's folder.

bynelliott, February 10, 2013
This software does everything it says it does and will be a great tool for anyone managing multiple Joomla sites.

Installation was frustrating as documentation is a bit on the thin side, but support is prompt, polite, and knowledgeable, so it's hard to hold it against them.

The publisher seems like a young company. I hope they get plenty of business because I am really looking forward to working with them and with future versions of the software.
bynelliott, July 15, 2012
EasyBlog is effective and easy to use. It has almost all of the features I wanted.

Where EasyBlog really shines is its support team. Replies are rapid and competent. For some of the more exotic features I wanted, they even helped me figure out how to go about adding my own module with PHP.

I don't think you can go wrong with these guys.
bynelliott, July 15, 2012
Flexi Custom Code
Easy to use. Does exactly what it says it will!
bynelliott, July 14, 2012
I am using Joomla 2.5, which causes problems with quite a few other sitemap tools.

This extension was simple to install and use. Functioned as advertised!