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bynelrod1, January 31, 2013
Why post a extension when nothing can be done with it! No documentation... You have a slider and that is it!
Owner's reply

Hello! I am sorry if you have been having trouble with SlideBar. While documentation is sadly unavailable right now (aside from the included "readme.txt"), it will be available within two weeks. For now, please contact me at and I would be more than happy to lend a hand in getting SlideBar set up on your site, you may even find it quite useful!

bynelrod1, April 29, 2010
Power Rotator
What! If you can't check your website for spelling then maybe you shouldn't be making extensions. Paid for product and didn't receive a download link. Sent email and got error code on sending it.Can't believe joomla does not check these people.
Owner's reply

Sorry for Some Speling mistake.But Sometimes need to develop extensions and logic power their Speling not important get it.So not give like that nonsense feedback if you want then make one extension and publish it thanks