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bynemanja.radevic, September 21, 2014
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The developer went to a lot of trouble... he is advertising a free package but once you install it you will realize there is a proversion that is not really available on the site.

Nice try but i think needs a bit more work before posting something that has a pro version and not having anything in hand for it
bynemanja.radevic, June 7, 2014
Website Disclaimer Popup
great support, great module with options... i think the test option should have that java script button to close it instead of link...

developers really put an effort to make something professional for joomla standards!

Great job
bynemanja.radevic, May 31, 2014
Generator RSS
i don t usually give bad reviews but after 5 minutes i uninstalled...thiscomponetn and modules have serious errors and don t work out of the box... my suggestion to devepoper is to fix them before uploading to joomla
bynemanja.radevic, March 9, 2014
NS Font Awesome
This is just amazing... i found out about through some themes... but i wanted to embed it everywhere.... !!!!!nice job!

out of the box icons!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. Glad it's useful for you.

bynemanja.radevic, February 19, 2014
My ShortList
so many options... such a cheap price!

Nice module ! excellent works out of the box
bynemanja.radevic, November 27, 2013
List of Articles in Content
Very good plugin i think it should be in joomla core something like this!

I think it 's totally worth it's money sonce there isn't much you need to do to use, it s very simple
bynemanja.radevic, November 10, 2013
Articles Newsflash Advanced
developers should have contact page!

It s very handy but it's missing some functionality... if you are not an advanced css guy i wouldn't recommend it
bynemanja.radevic, October 14, 2013
JBMenu Accordion
Only you accordion from all the other and i tried them great with fullajax plugin!!!

Great stuff
Owner's reply

We greatly appreciate the efforts and the time you allowed for us in writing the review.

Thank You very much.

Team JoomBall!

bynemanja.radevic, October 13, 2013
Add FullAjax
Well the backend options need a bit of styling ... and maybe better rules how to select menus for example apply to all menus except selected or apply dont apply on selected menus only and a bit bigger boxes because it s abit hard to read but other than that!!! just amazing!!!
Jtag Members Directory
The component it s one of a kind! It s not really expensive and i would needed some customizations ... i would say serious customizations... and their support team replied to my request withing 24 hours with a solution!

Great team ... keep up the good work!
bynemanja.radevic, May 19, 2013
Simple, lightweight and does the job as it should in just a few minutes... it's really plug and play!
bynemanja.radevic, May 15, 2013
Auto onPageLoad Popup
Great extension, great support!
i managed to integrate with yootheme template with small problem but their support guided me to make 2 clicks and fix my problem!
Definately worth paying for if you wish a quick solution
bynemanja.radevic, April 11, 2013
SP Upgrade
Want to be abel to do this withotu any hassle... simple and staight to the point!

works locally on wamp and xamp!
bynemanja.radevic, April 11, 2013
SP Transfer
very good ! very powerful!
very reliable most of all and the response of the developers was almost instant!

Definitely worth every penny if you need fast migrationa nd you dont want to get your hands dirty with manual SQL tables!
bynemanja.radevic, March 4, 2013
The best part for every component it is the support and updates!

Bravo OHANAH Team! You've done a great job and a great extension!
bynemanja.radevic, August 19, 2012
Virtuemart Products Ajax Search
search field is mandatory to fill in otherwise the search will not work...

however great support!!!

Great job Mr Dan
bynemanja.radevic, July 31, 2012
Account Expiration Control
i would like to say thank you... very interesting component for the first time i cannot say something is missing from here!!! flexibility, dynamic and moreover great support!!!!

Thanks Jake and David

Keep up the good work!
bynemanja.radevic, June 25, 2012
Smart Search for fieldsattach
This a part missing from the basic field attach... the developer did an amazing job!
great support for a great component
bynemanja.radevic, April 15, 2012
RizVN Login
i would rather use full css3 to do the styling! but amazing and really simple to use
bynemanja.radevic, March 7, 2012
been using it for a while...
worth it! excellent features
coulod add the support to block after a few attempts automatically ... but all together smooth and easy to upgrade !

Great job!
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