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bynemanja.radevic, March 5, 2012
i give usually excellent reports... this is a newly added component and plugin, i bought it with no hesitation... it s been 2 days i am still waiting for a reply.

Problems with this:
1) if you put this offline message instead of the joomla one there is no way to view your site unless you disable the plugin and then automatically everybody will be able to see when you are working on the site

2)no re-catcha support in the email registration which means you can easily get spammed ... before you even start your website

3) a recently added component that is commercial has to have super support and not delay clients!

Sorry guys for my bad review here but you need a lot more work to fix these problems! The idea however is very nice!
but until you fix it maybe you should consider to charge only for the templates and not the component itself because the job done is poor!
Owner's reply

1 ) if you put this offline message instead of the joomla one there is no way to view your site unless you disable the plugin and then automatically everybody will be able to see when you are working on the site

- we have hidden the login on the front page because visitors dont need to look at it. is under the last number

2)no re-catcha support in the email registration which means you can easily get spammed ... before you even start your website

- and yes about spam it has a code for it

2- has to have super support and not delay clients!

sorry about that we just reolise that this ticket email ware not been assign to a supporter... now is all good and you will get fast response

bynemanja.radevic, March 4, 2012
VirtueMart Boh! Category Filter
nice job man... just browsing and checking new VM 2.0
and this isone of the important features... this should be in their core!

keep up the good work
bynemanja.radevic, February 26, 2012
i am putting excellent because i ve used this in the past...
But you need php 5.3+ it doesn t work on php5.2 which is kind of a drawback because people might want to migrate from one to another and they could use this component.

Anyways good work and nice update this is excactly what joomla is missing and i believe they should integrate in the core this kind of usefull components
bynemanja.radevic, February 25, 2012
Switch Editor
good job guy saving me 10 clicks ofr each time i needed to disable the editor... after a year maybe you guys saved me a day of my life! NICE JOB ... simple and great...
Owner's reply

Sometimes it's the little things in life ... :)

bynemanja.radevic, February 8, 2012
if i could give 7 stars i would! so simple to use and i asked for a search feature and the developer Cristian immediately made it in 2 days! What a support for a free component... this is the kind of components are a good sign for the joomla community... people who believe in open source ! BRAVO Cristian good job man!
bynemanja.radevic, January 30, 2012
i cannot even think of anything to add to this!!!

Dude you are like a Nostradamus... you predicted what wverybody wants to change o a simple thing like a date... and you embed it in this module!

Great job man... put somewhere for us who want to help you also the language files so you can make it multilingual i can help with greek and serbian!
bynemanja.radevic, January 30, 2012
Gold IconMenu
I bought this and i tried to contact the support it s been 3 weeks now... sorry guys i got you other module flip wall and it worked ok! this one is very buggy and doesn t work in 400 PX width for example...
i would like to tell you that i am not pleased at all with your support

you can answer to this but now it doesn't matter i already put something else on the site it was wasted money!

i am not pleased with this component because it doesn t work like the demo !
Owner's reply

Listen this guy is not technical and try to set our menu at impossible place than how it working there , No issue guys you able to see below feedback and other Extensions so you know hows our Extensions thanks for your time with us.

bynemanja.radevic, January 23, 2012
Woopra 4 Joomla
i will give excellent because there is only 3 options to set up!!!

so no need to login anywhere...

just add you domain in the plugin... this is something you guys could automate !
since something is installed it has to be on a domain...

however if this works it would be great
bynemanja.radevic, December 22, 2011
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Phoca Gallery Plugin
i would of rated it excellent but you need to fix some stuff:

1)your site has many extensions consider making all in one also extension
2)your component is extremely difficult to add 500 pics at once ... can't you make it simpler? like {gallery}folder{/gallery}
3)i tried to integrate phoca gallery and simplecaddy and took me 4 hours... the documentation you put is not enough... consider adding a video... it is quite easy though but i needed to find out by my self
5)for this specific you could give a quick install template or even sell it and make quick money out of it... i was ready to pay if someone had it but nobody even bothered to reply to my forum question it s been 3 days now
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review.

Regarding questions in the forum. See Phoca Forum rules:

1. ... I (developer) need to work in my regular work, need to sleep sometime, etc. Usually I am visiting this forum every second or third day and after my regular work I am answering cca 90 posts at night ... (the same is by moderators or other users, who all are answering posts and helping people for free in their freetime).

(Anyway - It seems, there is nobody in Joomla! world who has answered more questions regarding Joomla! than me, I will sure answer your questions there but please be patient)

Thank you for your understanding.

bynemanja.radevic, December 22, 2011
1)your website needs improvement
2)your documentation is fine but you need to show either video or screenshots with details how to integrate with phoca
3) your forum nobody replies it s been 3 days to my request
4)whosoever will get this has to know that yes it is much simpler than Virtuemart and yes it is possible to integrate it easily with phoca galleries

but me personally it took me about 4 hours and that it was because i discovered what i had to do by my self

however... when i found out i realized it is very easy! but took me 4 hours

GREAT JOB OVER ALL i would of gave 4.9 out of 5 but unfortunately the system only allows this much
bynemanja.radevic, November 13, 2011
Flip Wall
I am giving excellent because it is worth for the money i paid instead of making something custom by myself... the JS is there for free but this is a great job guys...
However there are some drawbacks:
1) you should be able to add more pictures than just 15 ... a few adjustments in the core files of the module and it was ready ... however if i want to add some more pictures i still got to go again and again and do it from the php code my self
2) there should be a browse and upload pictures
3) there is a problem with the module or my template and the module using IE9 and opera, for some reason the flip page becomes huge wile flipping and then normal size

HOWEVER overall great job ! i am giving excellent definately worth it s money
bynemanja.radevic, November 11, 2011
Freestyle Testimonials
i willgive excellent review to the developer and because it is free althought it gives me problems trying to set it up in a subfolder of a domain....

However great work !!!
bynemanja.radevic, October 10, 2011
I had a problem and emailed mike immediately turned out that i didn't set up the module properly... it works with multi-language... out of the box!
Great module... AND GREAT SUPPORT!!!
bynemanja.radevic, September 3, 2011
Simple Spotlight
i m giving excellent rating for this because of the nice transitions... however i noticed there is a shadow that gave me some hard time to find... in mod_ppc_simple_spotlight.php line 107... this should be placed in the css... however perfect job guys!!!
bynemanja.radevic, February 1, 2011
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
Very nice component, and it is K2 compatible. This is exactly what i was searching for, multilevel drop-down accordion menu. To make it work with K2 you need to Display all items as link? option set it as yes in the menu otherwise it will give some parsing error ... took me a few minutes to figure it out , easy installation and usage!

Excellent job !!!
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