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byneonate928, October 20, 2012
Starlite iView Slider
The slider works very well, the only issue I have with it, is if you leave the width empty (leaving it to auto adjust to monitor screen, ergo stay center of the screen) the images do not auto adjust and center with the rest of the slider. On my larger monitor the slider is centered and the images are centered and looks great, but if I view my site on a smaller screen, the module itself will adjust and center to the screen, but the images within the slider do not adjust to center, ergo causing my images to be partially cut off. If this issue could be fixed I'd be a happy camper.

***** NOTE:
If you are setting the width of the slider say 900px and you make your images 900px then the slider is PERFECT!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, we will fix this auto adjustment issue in our next release.