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bynerd_alert, March 22, 2012
ARI Data Tables
This is going to sound like a fake review, but bare with me.

I'm actually hesitant to say how much these guys helped me with my issue because I don't want them to have others with too-high expectations.

So i was working on a site last night from like 11:54 pm until 7 am. and needed a bit of help getting this set up. they emailed me back and forth like 5 times: 2:52 am, 3:36 am, 4:40 am. At 7:42 this morning they'd gotten it working FOR me.

Anyway- thanks ARI dudes.
bynerd_alert, June 22, 2009
EXACTLY what i was searching for!

This is a great way to cater to different visitors and clients. Show one thing before they log in, show another after. This needs to be standard.

Thanks MetaMod-