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bynetician, September 19, 2014
Youtube Feed Pro
After trying a lot of Youtube modules, I would say this definitely the best one in terms of the amount of features and functionality included.

But even better than that, is the amount of help the developer has given me, by adding enhancements and custom features whenever I requested them and then adding these into the module for everyone to enjoy.

All in all a very good experience using this module and working with Jlexart.
bynetician, February 17, 2014
Appointments for JomSocial
Appointments for Jomsocial fits seamless into Jomsocial and adds some very useful features to Joomla sites whose members might want to offer teaching, online consulting etc.

Their support is friendly and can be relied upon to go the extra mile.

All in all a very well implemented solution for offering appointment booking functionality to the users of any Joomla/Jomsocial website.
En Masse
Every now and then a much needed extension is added to the Joomla family, that enables a whole new range of activities and business models. Jomsocial did it for social networking and now En Masse is doing it for social buying. It's still new but the people behind it are very responsive and ambitious in terms of features and integration with other components.

It looks like this extension will eventually have more features than Groupon itself. Thank's to En Masse, Joomla is now a social buying system also.
bynetician, December 10, 2010
XiUS for JomSocial
With this extension Jomsocial becomes a lot more useful in terms of finding the kind of users people might want to connect with. Especially when used with Jomsocial Profile Types members can target the people they link up with based on all kinds of profile fields or types. This takes the guess work out of social networking in a way that makes a site much more useful all members.
bynetician, December 10, 2010
JSPC for JomSocial
This component really helps with the process of getting people involved in a joomla site. It's very customisable in terms of the type of reminders it provides or does not provide depending on how much a person has completed their profile. Reminders can be turned of after a certain percentage of a profile is completed and the profile fields used are also completely configurable. On its own its very good. But with Jomsocial Profile Types it forms a very good combination for a business or organisational site.
bynetician, December 10, 2010
XIPT for JomSocial
This component makes all kinds of business and organisation models possible by transforming Jomsocial's social network into a business or organisational network that can be used in any vertical. It takes some thought to get it set up properly and its best used with the other profile and user search addons the provide. Together they make a really brilliant business model innovation combo for Joomla.