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bynew.bandon, December 7, 2010
ES Content Enhancer
This component/plugin is fabulous and well worth the very small price. Support from Enless is also top-notch with fast replies and good, relevant information.

The ES Content Enhancer makes dynamic content so easy. Sure, some PHP knowledge helps, but overal, the system is straightforward. Basically, the system allows content to be replaced or appended on the fly inside content items. The applications are nearly limitless. An expert Joomla developer with some PHP and SQL experience (this plugin is not for the beginner!) can develop dynamic content very very quickly.

We needed a solution that targeted content items to particular cities. Now, with some simple URL variables, we can make just ONE content item look like dozens of different and unique content items with customized information for different cities in each one. A developer's and site maintainer's dream!
bynew.bandon, October 13, 2010
This component has proved its worth over and over for our customers. We use it on many sites to send thousands of newsletters and autoresponders. It's easy for clients to understand and integrates well with Joomla and Community Builder. The autoresponder feature, in particular, has been a major time-saver in development.

The component is not without its quirks and issues, and we've had to do some finagling with the front-end and the queue in particular. The installation process can also be a little cumbersome (HINT: confirm director permissions and turn off the FTP layer only during install and things will go more smoothly).

However, my reason for giving this component an "Excellent" rating includes the fantastic support we've received over the years from the Joobi team. Their online support responds quickly and is knowledgeable about the product. In the ticketing system, the techs provide detailed responses.

I have not found a more complete newsletter component.
bynew.bandon, November 21, 2009
Akeeba Backup
JoomlaPack is the first thing I install on every site I do. It's a lifesaver not only for backups, but aids in migration from development servers to live servers seamlessly. I can't imagine Joomla without it. Every webmaster should install this invaluable tool.
bynew.bandon, November 20, 2009
Modules Anywhere
Every Joomla designer needs this essential tool for their sites. It's easy to install and configure and adds so many wonderful possibilities for integrating modules inside components or, as the name says, anywhere! Great job.

It doesn't play perfectly nice with every template out there when wrapping the module in divs (had some very minor layout issues with RocketTheme, in particular), but I still can't imagine doing my work without it.
Owner's reply

The styling of modules is controlled by the templates css file. Some templates have there module style definitions formed in a way that they only work if the module is inside certain module positions.

So that means that modules outside those positions do not get styled the way you might want.

Usually you can quite simply fix that by changing the css file so the styling also affects modules in the content area.

bynew.bandon, November 20, 2009
This easy-to-use add-in for a community Joomla site adds just the flair and functionality necessary to keep users communicating and engaged. It's by far the best chat tool I've evaluated and it integrates so well.

The JBolo! team also did a great job customizing the application to our site per our specifications for integration with other third-party components (at an additional cost, of course, but worth it).

The only suggestion I had for them was to make the look and feel more customizable via CSS, since the design is rather rigid as of the current release. However, I'm told that they've added this to their development schedule, so I enthusiastically give this software 5 stars!
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for the review ! Yes the few elements in the structure that are not controlled via CSS will be in the upcoming releases..

And the customization we did is to be released to all very soon :)