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bynewenergy, November 8, 2012
I used VM1 and Hikashop. VM1 was not the easiest to use and to modify, but it was all within reasonable terms.

VM2 is a mess. Basic functions that were present in VM1 have been removed and now need to be purchased as paid extensions from other sources.

Some internal functions are not working properly and the documentation is more than scarce.

Posts on the VM Forum regularly get a reply by the administrator Milbo "You don't understand Virtuemart...You Don't understand...You don't understand..." There seem to be a lot of people 'not understanding. Maybe it is a lack of documentation.

Our internal programmer managed to solve some of the programming errors of VM2...until we updated to the new version VM 2.0.12f Now the bugs are even worse, so that even our programmer can't find out what is going on.

We tried 3 months now to make VM2 work for our client. Our advice...If you think about using VM2 for your shop...don't.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments, which are really appreciated to help focus the numerous volunteers who help build and use virtuemart in many live shops.

I have to unfortunately refer to my car analogy of a 1966 mini copper, which when produced, worked, in a way that we did not realise by today’s standard, might not have been as safe and reliable as mini's of today standards, yet they worked, and through development of technology improved. Both are brilliant cars, however they are very different, much like VM1 and VM2.

The comments towards Milbo are unjust, this is NOT to be a personal area to slate people, we have decided not to have your comments removed, because Virtuemart is an open community that embraces everybody, to aid the same goal, which is to create a world class product for FREE.

The free nature of Virtuemart has helped many people throughout the world, a fact that should make many people happy.

I note your developers were able to correct issues you had, have you shared these on the forum? It would be excellent to know people who can afford developers to make a free product better, return this knowledge to the pool, to help others.

To reiterate, VM2 is growing, in the right direction and with many new features added as time goes by, it does work out of the box, you can set up a shop within an hour and working, problems often come when, third party, extensions and hacks are required, which is a different situation to claiming VM2 does not work.

bynewenergy, October 26, 2012
VM Affiliate
The extension looks good in the backend and integrates smoothly with Virtuemart. There were no technical difficulties. When I ran into problems, Globacide went out of their way to make the extension work on my site, custom modifying the extension quite extensively to make me a satisfied customer. I can honestly recommend this product and service. Thank you very much!