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bynezuko, December 31, 2009
I installed this module long ago, and have 3 testimonial until suddently yesterday when i checked my backend, there're 10 more testimonial and it is all spam. Seems the captcha didn't works? And I have to delete manually one by one since there's no checkbox in front of each testimonial, so suggest the dev give checkbox in front of each testi in the next realase so we can delete multiple testimonial at a time.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your opinion. We will surely implement it in our next release.

Support Team,
RS Web Solutions

bynezuko, December 13, 2009
Content Templater
this component will save you times for repeating the work again, and again.
Actually I will use this com to insert my widget code to html fields of Resource content page. I have made the template contains my wdget code, but in Resource html fields, when I choose the template from dropdown button, it did'nt load to my html fields, I don't know why, may be it's my browser or my Resources com to blame. this com worked well in another CCK.
Owner's reply

I think your issue comes down to the editor (not Content Templater). If you contact me via the forum or mail we can sort this out.

bynezuko, December 13, 2009
First, I must say that I use JS Resources for my CCK, but it lack of html fields, almost all my html tags fom widget which I paste there is stripped by the Resources, thus the syntax is error when I load my homepage.
Then I found this plug-in through chat via ym with the maker. He actually contact me via ym told about other plug-in from him has been updated.
I tried this plug-in, and happy with it. It does what it says, my sociallist widget is now appears in my homepage.

There's one lack tough, in my experience, the button Insert Code did worked, but after I filled the code in the editor and clicked Insert, the page didn't loading back to my Content Resource page. Even I clicked the cancel button and there's nothing happened. So, I use the copy paste to paste the code to my html fields in Resource page.

Maybe it's my Firefox's fault or anything but the plug-in itself. Still, this plug-in is great. b^_^d
Owner's reply

I think your issue comes down to the editor (not Sourcerer). If you contact me via the forum or mail we can sort this out.