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bynf1, August 12, 2009
Shadowbox Media Viewer
This plugin is great. For the last two weeks I have a problem using shadowbox because of a conflict with a greybox library. This plugin doesn't conflict with my greybox library and I can use them both together! Awesome work.
bynf1, July 4, 2009
The extension, its development and support are far greater than just great.
This extension gives you the possibility to create any pre-formatted item types with its own template. This in my must-have-list of joomla extensions for any website. You can create any catalog - cars,hotels,companies you name it. Not even that but as the items are a "normal" Joomla articles all of the content is search-able by the native Joomla search engine and you include any other Joomla extension into these items.

And the support - I never actually expected such a good forum and responsiveness from the author.

Thank you for this great extension.