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bynfordham, January 28, 2008
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Community Builder
I can tell you, that going through hundreds of other "so called" ways to give you the designer control of creating your own Social Networking community. When you want something that is fairly easy to piece together while allowing you to customize what you want in as many ways as you want, then Community Builder is DEFINITELY for you!!!

I am the Creator and Founder of in which I have created entirely with Community Builder, and I have to say TWO THUMBS UP to the entire Community Builder Team!
bynfordham, July 20, 2007
AJAX Shoutbox
I absolutely love this Module, I am the creator of and have mostly mastered Joomla in the creation of many sites with my focus on this one.

I was extremely excited to see Shoutbox especially with the new Bot where you can track logins, friend requests, and more showing them live...

The only issue I ran into however, is that it freezes Safari MAC users :(

If there is any way this bug can be fixed, please let me know....