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bynfr, October 16, 2013
RSform Pro
What I was waiting for for a long time finally is there: Having a simple form generator where you can show the submissions and let the user change their own submission.
This component is as far as I know the only component except some cck's where you can manage that. So you are able to make memberlists and things like that.
bynfr, September 3, 2013
When I was trying to find a way to manipulate the title in an module so that it is showing the actual month as part of the title I only found HD-Date able to manipulate the title.
But like the name is program HD-Date shows the date and I only wanted the actual month.
So I contacted the author and I was surprised - an hour later I had the plugin changed for my needs. Thanks to the author again.
bynfr, May 29, 2012
Core Design Accordion
After trying all different accordions on this extension site I finally took this one.
It just works like I dreamed of. You can even have popups and other stuff in your accordion tabs.
More, you have a lot of customization right out of the box.
Just great!!!
bynfr, May 9, 2012
Fancy Accordion Pro
After installing I had a little problem which was solved within an hour. I use this module on 2.5.4 and since it always is, even with the amount of 25 styles for the module, you never have exactly what you want. So, a little tweaking in your css file will do the overwriting of the set style.
Upshot - an excellent module
bynfr, March 1, 2012
AJAX Scroller
This module does exactly what the developer is announcing.
The handling for styling (especially for more than 1 module on the site) seems to be a little difficult for beginners, but an experienced User shouldn't have any problem.
Good solution!!!
bynfr, August 18, 2011
Art Data
This package should be part of the core - very excellent!
I had some questions about the tables - the response was almost immediately and brought the solution
bynfr, February 18, 2011
JSE Mootools Drop Down Menu
make your order, download and install - it is working, a little tuning on the css (if you are experienced in css done in seconds) - all done within minutes and best it really works for ie6 which a lot of commercial visitors still have
bynfr, October 30, 2009
The Mail component itself offers almost all you can think of you need for a simple newsletter.
But, since it offers different subscriber lists it does not offer that a subscriber can choose in what list he/she will subscribing in. He/she can choose a list but the subscription goes in the list the admin has choosen as a default.
Maybe in one of the next versions a subscriber really does have the choice of subscribing to the list of his/her choice.
bynfr, October 24, 2009
JDownloads is the most complete download component I have found for Joomla!
After using docman for many years I had to look for a new component since docman seems to not really be in a hurry to develop a native 1.5 version. So I finally found JDownloads and was impressed about the thousands of settings you can do in there.
When started I really didn't have read all about the settings and came up with a question which was replied in a reasonable to good time.
Finally I really can recommend this component to all users