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bynibsds, February 1, 2013
This componenet is very poor. In free version its link to author's web site.

Also, this component generates huges amount of data in DB so my server getting slower and slower (when i have uninstall this component my site was multiple time faster)

Its not good to advice me that i have use better server if the problem is in component.

Also, if you use this component and after month-two realize that is very poor your links will be invalid and google search would not bring visitors.

I would NOT recommend this componenet to anybody,

Owner's reply

thanks for your feedback. Anyway, I disagree:
1. well, the backlink info in free version is generally known, so I believe that should not be a reason to complain

2. many links + speed - there really is no problem in the component, partly, this is because of the principle how the component works - it has to store the links to DB to be able to support "any" SEF URL links; sencondly, problems may be connected with improper configuration in relation to 3rd party components -- if the component is not supported, you may need to disable JoomSEF for it in order to prevent generating too many links

3. I do not see a smallest reason, why the generated links should be invalid to Google; we are ourselves using the same component at our website for about 7 years now and really have no problems