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bynicecover, June 22, 2010
Works easy and straight forward. I used it to splash an article from the same site. It shows the article like it should and then forwards to the page you navigated to in the first place at a configurable time. The downside is that it does not really splash! Instead it shows just the configured url. I would have expected a lightbox in your face kind a splash, but this works for me!
Owner's reply

Lightbox, not a bad idea. That may be an option in the next version.

As far as it not really being a splash, there isn't really a defined standard for what a splash is supposed to be. I chose this method because it is SEF (this method is invisible to search engines).

Annoy your users, not your PageRank.

bynicecover, September 21, 2008
Plan route with GMaps
Well the looks can be improved, but other than that a great module and does what it is supposed to do. I was specially surprised with the open in lightbox feature, sweet feature. Thanks for this great module