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bynick4sale, August 7, 2012
Simple Email Form
An exceptional addon for any joomla site. Easy to setup and configure. Thank you!!
bynick4sale, August 6, 2012
I bet all the others try to imitate this one. This is an exceptional module. I think it's important to have the ability to translate a site and am happy to be using this addon. I did have a bit of a problem getting it displaying the way I wanted it to. If I'd taken the time to read the documentation first.. I would have been in business. So, if anyone has problems, read the documentation and I'm sure your problems will be resolved.
bynick4sale, July 21, 2012
This is by far and away one of the best plugin/modules you will ever use. It's well worth it's price and believe me, for all the other galleries out there charging and arm and a leg, you can afford this one at less than 10.00 usd. They aren't charging enough for it imho. The support is amazingly quick, and there knowledge is superb. I recommend it highly to anyone looking for a simple, yet effective gallery solution that isn't as cumbersome as the big galleries. I am really blown away by how great this extension is.
bynick4sale, July 15, 2012
Very easy to install, setup and have working in less than 5 minutes. Love this addon.

Wishlist: the different shaped puzzle that is what you'd normally see with jigsaw puzzles.
bynick4sale, July 13, 2012
This is an excellent extension. While I know and tried many others before finding one that worked best for me, I was very happy to be able to find a commercial extension that actually was easy to use, easy to edit for display purposes, and when I needed help/support, instead of using there forum, I used email and received support within 24 hours. I've had a number of css problems on my site, and tracking down the culprit extension has been difficult. However, this developer whipped right in there and found the problem. It not only fixed the problem I had with Videoflow, but the problem I had with other components and extensions displaying correctly. I am very grateful for his help in this matter. Overall, this extension was well worth the money and I have no regrets with this purchase.
bynick4sale, March 13, 2009
Content Templater
This should be built into Joomla, it's simply awesome, and if your not using it, your losing valuable time working in your content. Even for the simplest of articles, this saves you countless hours. It has for me.

Awesome, Awesome job, thank you so much for this extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks! Have you also found out that you don't have to use the content area of the template. You can also make a template to set a bunch of settings and just leave the content alone. :)