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bynickbirch, June 11, 2013
I have a project that involves a complicated multi-page web form and for some time had been trying ou web-based services and also, as I use Joomla! for all the websites I support, some extensions too.

One or two expensive subscription solutions appeared to be comprehensive, but in the end the freedom of a reasonably priced, powerful Joomla! component that I would have full control over won out.

BreezingForms has a lot of powerful features such as programmable validation scripts and paging and sectioning that make it possible to switch off parts of the form conditionally.

I am still a beginner, but the results are already impressive and the data in the back end easy to export and manipulate.

When I ran into a problem with the form not progressing from Page 1 to Page 2, I tried out the support. I had taken out a subscription, but even so I was impressed not only the quick response, but that they came back with the correct code where I had made a mistake in a custom script.

All is working well now and I am looking forward to completing my project on time.