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bynickcrossman, May 29, 2013
Radius Search for ZOO
It just does what it says it does and very well and elegantly. I was surprised at the level of configuration that this has and the it even offers Zoo like element layouts for the pop-ups, very cool. Definitely worth the money.
bynickcrossman, February 15, 2011
This component for sending SMS from a Joomla website via a HTTP Gateway does exactly as promised (and a bit more). The configuration is comprehensive and flexible. Having said that, some of the configurations i.e. the success pattern, require a knowledge of PHP perhaps not possessed by the average Joomla user (e.g. "preg_match")

My only issue is with the look and feel. The template seems to have it's own CSS which visually conflicts significantly with a template other than the standard. It would be very nice if the forms it has, used the CSS from the template styles and not it's own.

Otherwise, it is quite functional and very useful component. Nick