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bynickyv, May 3, 2007
This editor is far better than TinyMCE (you can edit font colours etc. easily) and I'd love to be using it, but there's one major problem with it - it appears to have been developed in Firefox and not properly tested in IE, which is a bit of a problem because all of my clients use IE. Anyway, to date I've found 2 problems with JCE using IE6, both of which are detailed by other users in the user forum and both of which remain unanswered. Firstly, the Image Manager - when you select an image it gets stuck with a message that says "Retrieving data" but it never retrieves so you can't insert the image. Secondly, the Joomlaboard Plugin pops up a box asking you which forum you want to point the content article to, but there is no Insert button. Both of these issues do not occur in Firefox so as a developer I can get around it, but trying to explain it to a client with limited user knowledge isn't a great option. Because of this I would question the Editor's Pick tag, seeing as it doesn't seem to work 100% correctly on over 90% of the world's browsers - although I suppose if you don't want to insert images or link to a forum then it's fine! :-)
Owner's reply

I will be attending to both these issues in the nest update, most likely available this weekend (05/05/07 - 06/05/07)