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bynigelss, September 21, 2010
I am using Jfusion to integrate phpbb3 for full bi-directional login/out functionality and it works very well indeed, right down to mapping user groups across the two platforms. For example, it is incredibly easy to map the Joomla author, editor, and publisher groups onto a single staff group in phpbb3.

To my eyes the code is well-formated and commented which I take as a good sign of the care put into developing this software.

That said, the configuration process is not as easy as it could be. This mainly comes down to the Installation documentation not matching the actual screens you see, and the lack of a "key concepts" introduction explaining the terms used. I was completely thrown by the User Options on-screen description of usergroup management settings because I didn't know what it was talking about! It was only once I had everything up and running that the penny dropped.

It is also unfortunate that some configuration options are undocumented. I still don't have a clue what the JFusion joomla_int plugin editor "Connection Options" settings are for, or the JFusion phpbb3 plugin editor setting "Allow Auto Login Cookie".

A final word of caution applicable to JFusion 1.5.1 - If you are integrating Joomla and phpbb3 and you enable Authentication Mod settings in the JFusion phpBB3 plugin editor Mod/Plugin Options to log the user into Joomla if applicable, you will not be able to log in and will see a load of error messages. The fix requires a code edit to auth_jfusion.php which you can find here:

In summary, once you learn how to set up this extension you'll never look for another one to do the same. The developers have done an excellent job on the code and an update to the documentation would be the icing on the cake!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your detailed review.

The documentation is unfortunately somewhat outdated. Because the code is improved very rapidly it is hard to keep the documentation up2date. Hopefully once JFusion 2.0 is released we can focus on updating screenshots. Thanks, Marius

bynigelss, July 13, 2010
Make no mistake - this is a huge improvement on the standard TinyMCE editor and as others have said it should almost be supplied as part of a standard Joomla install. I say "almost" because it is let down by the documentation (or rather the lack of it) which means that an attempt to use the more sophisticated group features tends to end in failure.

The group configuration screen gives the impression that one can restrict editor facilities by group type, i.e. author, publisher, and if so desired restrict the group further by named users in the selected group type(s). The first part is true, but the second part does not work although it is possible to restrict access to specific users if no group type is selected. Whether or not this is the expected behaviour is a moot point given the lack of documentation, the absence of the flash movies referred to in the tutorials and the lack of user support when I tried to raise these problems on the support forum.

This is a great product though, and so long as you keep it simple in how you use it you won't go wrong.