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bynikko500, November 7, 2010
Admin Tools
Great component and great support, if you have one or fifty Joomla sites then this is a must have, GET IT NOW!!
bynikko500, August 26, 2009
KA Facebook Like Box
Cant get much better than this!
Got an issue with the height but I'm sure I can get this sorted.
Good work!
bynikko500, August 8, 2009
Tag Meta
Works well and does the job!
Only drawback, if you have sites with hundreds of pages, it would be a long winded task to change every one.
I was looking for something to just enter the meta title in each article, there must be a quicker way............
bynikko500, May 26, 2009
Had a few problems with this but it was all my fault, hadn't read the instructions!
Works great, support is excellent, install on 1.5.10 went like a dream. Don't bother with other ones, this is the one!
bynikko500, April 28, 2009
AJAX Shoutbox
Great mod!
Takes only minutes to install and get working. I wish all of the mods were as good as this!
bynikko500, January 11, 2009
If you need forms, get this component!
bynikko500, January 8, 2009
Used this on 1.0.x a year ago- no problems.
Tried to install this one on 1.5.8 it says:
Unable to find install package
Obviously need more work!
Owner's reply

Hi, I think you just forgot to unzip the pack first, then install components and modules

bynikko500, August 11, 2008
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Does what it says on the tin!
bynikko500, July 10, 2008
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YJ Image Slider
Nice and easy to set up and looks good, only problem I was testing it on Firefox but when I had a look with IE the whole page would not load. I'm not an IE fan but a lot of people use it so it needs a fix.
bynikko500, April 28, 2008
JCK Editor
Used this on 1.0.x was quite stable. Since going to 1.5, it's unstable. On a brand new 1.5 install and the latest FCK install, freezes the browser, still work needs to be done!
Owner's reply

Dear nikko500, thank you for your comments. Would you be so kind to email us the details of the problems as so we can have a looking into it and resolve any issue.

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