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bynikola.jovic, December 11, 2013
Sexy Polling
I really must commend the developer's effort to make the module and the component as friendly as possible for newbies. However, the way the component and module work creates a kind of a nightmare for more experienced users. Personally, I would like to be able to fully turn off the CSS generator and write the CSS myself because modifying the existing templates using controls and fields takes way too much time. Besides, this creates an additional CSS file with A LOT of lines, some of which are absolutely unnecessary (for example, it is way better not to have a text-shadow at all than to have a 0px 0px 0px text-shadow, etc). Additionally, I have seen people complaining about not being able to add a module suffix for a while now, which is actually very easy to implement and requires only one additional line in the XML file (Joomla core takes care of the rest). Finally, while the visual results may be excellent, the overuse of CSS3 features tremendously slows down the page rendering on an average machine (i3, 4 gigs RAM, nvidia 520GT).
However, I still think this is a great component and module, because everything else is just excellent. Reworking the interface and the CSS generator a bit, plus adding the module suffix option, might just earn this component the final star! Good job :)
bynikola.jovic, September 28, 2013
Issue Tracker
This is a true example how an extension should be written. As an experienced Joomla user, it took me less than 5 hours to set up a fully functional issue reporting system, and that is including the cyrilic translation I did myself! Every backend option is exactly where it's supposed to be, everything is really clear. I even needed to rewrite a part of the code to suit my particular needs, and even that took a minute to locate and change.
Kudos to the developer! It's people like you that have made such rapid expansion of the Web service possible.
bynikola.jovic, May 12, 2009
Core Design Web Gallery
All of your extensions, not just this one, are completely professional and work with no problems at all.

This gallery is just what we've all been looking for: simple to integrate into content, visually and functionally brilliant, and free on top of all!

Thank you very much for this one.